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  • Mixing Fiebing’s Leather Dye and Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound. For generations saddle makers and other manufacturers of leather goods have used a combination of oil and dye to both control color as well as to maintain the suppleness of the leather.

    To achieve this highly desired result the trick is to mix 6% of Fiebing’s Leather Dye with 94% Fiebing’s Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound.  This works especially well with all of the brown tones and the primary colors like green and blue.

    Apply as usual to unfinished, vegetable tanned leather and allow to dry.  You can try to buff the surface when dry to remove any excess dye but due to the low concentration of dye in this mixture you should not have much of a rub off issue.  Once dry, feel free to seal with Fiebing’s Acrylic Resolene.

    Our R&D testing has proven that Fiebing’s Leather Dye combines more effectively with Fiebing’s Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound then does Fiebing’s Professional Oil Dye.  We suggest you use the standard Fiebing’s Leather Dye when attempting this dye/oil combination.

Yes, follow the link to see the Spanish language Horse & Leather Care product catalog.

Horse & Leather Care Spanish Version

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In addition, for all hazardous and flammable products packaged in 1 Gallon bottles, a courier haz fee is added over and above the shipping rates.  This will be calculated at checkout for any applicable products.  This is only added when ordering the following products by the gallon: Leather Dye, Pro Dye, Deglazer, Dye Reducer.


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$2000.00+                                          $400.00

  • Fiebing is unable to ship any hazardous or flammable products to Canada.  Items that cannot ship to Canada are marked accordingly on the respective product page.
  • All orders to Canada are shipped via FedEx.
  • Certain Canadian postal codes are not serviced by FedEx.  Orders outside the FedEx service area will not be processed.

By design, Fiebing’s Leather Dye works as a penetrating dye.  That means that the dye is absorbed into the leather to color it and doesn’t simply paint the surface.  The result, when done correctly, is a beautifully colored leather article that enhances the natural beauty of leather and all of its attributes.

To re-dye smooth leather articles is basically a 3 step process which requires stripping of old finish, dyeing the leather, then sealing the leather with a top finish.  Please note that dyeing leather is an art and not a science. All leathers take dye differently depending on the type of leather, tannage, etc. It is best to practice on a scrap piece of leather before using on valued articles.

  1. Stripping Finish.  In order to re-dye a leather article, the surface must be as near to the natural leather as possible to allow the dye to penetrate.  Any old dye, paint or top finish will create a barrier to entry and the dye will not penetrate. If there is any barrier to entry then the dye, when dry, will likely rub off.  To strip old dye and finish use Fiebing’s Deglazer.
  2. Dyeing the leather.   Once the surface of the leather is clean, you can apply Fiebing’s Leather Dye with a wool dauber or soft applicator of choice. Use circular motions to apply the dye to avoid streaking.  Fiebing’s Pro Dye is our premium leather dye that is more color fast, offers more vivid colors and is less likely to fade over time in sunlight.  You choose which dye is right for your project.
    • Tip 1:  Fiebing’s dye can be mixed to create infinite colors, tones and shades.  If you do mix dye, be sure to make notes of your ratios so you can recreate that desired custom color later.
    • Tip 2:  Test on scrap leather or a discreet spot to be sure you are happy with the color and application.
    • Tip 3:  Use Fiebing’s Dye Reducer to dilute both Fiebing’s Leather Dye and Fiebing’s Pro Dye to lighten any color.
    • Tip 4:  If you are dyeing any upholstery with foam padding, do not apply too much dye as the foam may deteriorate and dye may saturate padding and will continue to bleed to surface.
  3. Sealing the leather.   Once the dye is dry, use a soft, clean cloth to buff the surface.  This will remove any dye that has not penetrated the leather. Once the surface of the leather is clean and buffed, use Fiebing’s Resolene to seal the leather.  Resolene also provides a water resistant finish.  
    • Tip 1:  Always stir Resolene before using, do not shake to avoid creating bubbles.
    • Tip 2:  Apply Fiebing’s Resolene with a damp, fine cell Fiebing’s Leathercraft Sponge.  This will reduce the potential for both streaking and “fish eyes” (bubbles on the surface that have dried) when the finish is dry.  Resolene may have a blue tint to it when applied, but when dry is a clear and glossy finish. Apply a light coat.

Click here for a video demonstration of how to redye leather upholstery 


Please allow 5-7 business days for confirmed orders to be shipped.  You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has been sent.

Leather bronzing is a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of dyed leather causing a metallic appearance. This issue is most prevalent when using blues and purple dyes. This can look like a scary problem, but do not fear. Once you apply Fiebing’s Resolene, Fiebing’s Leather Balm with Atom Wax or Fiebing’s Tan Kote as a top finish, the leather will go back to the intended color without any of the metallic look.

We have several colors available for our various product lines. Please use the link below to open our color charts page to see visual approximations of each of the colors we offer.


  • It is the same product as always, it just has a new name.
  • It is a solvent based dye, always has been, so we wanted to reduce confusion by changing the name.
  • The oil refers to the oils in the dyes and colorants that create the colors but the base of the dye is a solvent like standard leather dye.
  • These dyes tend to be more vibrant in color and more colorfast and resistant to fading.
  • Traditionally the yellow paste was for use on saddles and tack, the white paste for use on shoes and boots.  That said, it was more for the consumer peace of mind as no color is imparted on the leather from the yellow paste.  Think of bar soap you use on your hands, sometimes it is white, other times yellow. Neither will transfer color and both will clean and condition just the same.

Start with 10-15% water and adjust up to a maximum 30% from there depending on temperature and sprayer type.  Note that the more water added, the less of a seal the Resolene will form.


We have several colors available for Kelly’s Shoe Cream. Please use the link below to open a visual color chart with approximate color samples.


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